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On Jun 06, 2017 5:33 PM Firemansflame44 wrote:

Hello from Chicago, I am new to this page. My Chi/Corgi mix is being treated (about to start month two of piroxicam 2.5 daily. After this month, she will have another ultrasound to view the masses in her bladder. I am with you.

Thank you for your reply to my post. My fur baby lost his battle with this horrible disease on 31MARCH. No one on this site replies to new posts - they seem to only reply to older posts that contain their previous threads (very old posts), so if you want info or replies, post to the old threads so they can hold on to their legacy of responses and that way, they will respond to your posts. Good luck with your treatments - my prayers are with you and your pup. You can't win with this, but I hope that the treatment buys you years of extra wet kisses from your baby. My dog was on heart meds, which were not combinable with the bladder cancer drugs, so I had a no win situation.

RE: Guilty Heart

by lhasamom - March 23, 2017

On Mar 23, 2017 1:58 PM quikbell1 wrote:

We had Quik for over 12 years, and between my husband, son, and I he was such a huge part of our life. Our home and everything in it literally surrounded around Quik. All family, friends, and close co-workers knew his name and even his nick-name, which was Gunnie. We absolutely adored him, he was so loveable. I think the guilt comes into play of us not know how long he's had cancer. Although he had regulare visit to the vet for routine exams, and was always current on his vacinations, we just didn't know until the end. We hope that we didn't let him down by not knowing earlier, but it wasn't until two months ago he actually started showing any signs of any health problems. We really love and miss him so.

Hi Quickbell1,

So sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Quick. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved family member, especially when medical news arrives too late. Even with recommended 6 month exams for senior pets it is heartbreaking to find out "too late" that there is a life threatening situation. It's a shame that yearly Ultrasounds aren't recommended by vets. I too, found out too late that my 13 year old lhasa has a very large tumor in his bladder. He was starting to urinate in multiple spurts so I took him into the vet only to receive the worst possible news of "I'm so sorry" Drugs or surgery are not an option for him since he already has heart disease and the cancer meds are not compatible. So I wait..checking to make sure he is not in pain, although I'm sure that it must be uncomfortable having to go out and relieve himself every 2 hours thinking and hoping that today will not have to be the day that he has to go to the dreaded vet one last time. Know that you gave Quick a wonderful life and unconditional love is nothing to feel guilty about

I have read the heartwarming stories of your fur babies struggling with this awful disease, as is my lhasa, but haven't seen any recent posts of anyone still going through this. I would love to hear that I am not alone and stressed out over my poor senior citizen. Anyone out there still going through this?


I am new to this site and have been scouring the bladder cancer posts which all have great info, but I don't see any recent activity. My 13 year old Lhasa, Cody was diagnosed with a large tumor on his bladder. Currently I let him out every couple of hours and he takes about 15 mins per round urinating multiple times. This is not his first rodeo with illnesses requiring specialists, as he has been on 4 different heart meds 2x per day and has had 2 pancreatitis attacks this past year, so he is on borrowed time to begin with. Due to his heart condition, surgery and cancer meds are not an option for him. This breaks my heart, as he is still for the most part happy to go on walks and begs for treats. He is on a low fat diet and will eat only what he likes, so a holistic diet will not be eaten by him, I'm sure, and I have to make sure he eats so he'll take his meds. I am devestated because I thought that I had his "conditions" under control for the tme being, but now this tumor has given him the expedited death sentence. Any advice would be appreciated. I do give him Soulfood, Geena in and Gutsense supplements.

I just found this site and find it very comforting to read what others have been through and are going through. My 13 year old lhasa, Cody, was just diagnosed with a large bladder tumor. It pains me to watch him take so long to urinate so many times when I take him out. There is nothing I can do for him, as he is also on heart meds 2 times per day which are not combinable with the cancer drugs, and with his heart condition, surgery is not an option. He still loves his food and his outing at the dog park, aka walks in the woods. We have pee pads throughout the house and in the morning, they are used, so he is still urinating ok, but I am having trouble sleeping at night stressing out over this, as I cannot picture our house without or life without him.

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