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    Hi Sven . I have used Picato on 3 separate occasions always on my scalp . I have never sufffered pain or discomfort with this treatment . This is likely to be due to the tough skin on my head . If picato is used on sensitive areas , lips , nose, ears, cheeks it could be painful - based on blogs I have seen . For my AKs Picato is the treatment of choice , since the time from application to seeing the results is cons...

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      Most people need to cover a wider area and struggle to apply the small Picato Gel dosage sufficiently.. Is the only affected area you are treating is the tip of your nose . ?. Presume your consultant has suggested this remedy . I have used a Picato programme twice., for my scalp. It is my preferred treatment for skin lesions since it acts the fastest , .It also leaves very smooth unblemished skin on conclusion..I ha...

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        Thank you to everyone who posts on this blog . It is very helpful ....... I would like to add a brief summary of my experience of Picato and Efudex. I am male , age 68 , fair skinned and bald. I too have endured endless surgery and treatments. I have used Picato twice , 2 years apart, I address the top and back of my scalp. I love Picato ! ... Compared to Efudex Picato works much more quickly ..Usually a 9 to 10 ...

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          Hi Here is my experience.  i am a male of 65 years with AKs spread over my scalp and forehead .. yes i m bald ! I am at day 14 and the results have been excellent .There are some issues though . Firstly my Doctor did not discuss with me the best area of application - I realised just before applying that you should concentrate on a 2 inch by 2 inch area and my damaged area was considerably more extensive than t...

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