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RE: CMML Leukemia

by marley8 - February 15 at 1:24 AM

Thank you Bobspez for the FB information. I hope you are doing well and many blessings.


by marley8 - February 15 at 1:20 AM

On Feb 12, 2018 11:41 AM Mona28 wrote:

Marley8... did you see that the message you are responding to, Pepper27, was dated October 2009? 

Mona28 , No hon' I did not even pay any attention to the date. I was a wreck when I post that, my mind lost in a fog. I am just reaching out for answers, to talk to someone who can relate to this disease. My father was diagnosed with CMML 3 yrs ago and not doing well at the time.  


by marley8 - February 14 at 10:44 PM

On Mar 08, 2017 7:39 PM cmmlsucks wrote:

Thank you all so much for your responses. 

Bobspez - I think you are right that there have not yet been any results published for the study but i do believe it is currently underway and that they are currently testing dosage and effects.  Dandelion root proved successful in petri dishes and animal tests, which is why they managed to get funding, so that certainly shows promise.

MollysMom - Thank you once again for the kind suggestions - I am really keen to learn more about this.  I know CBD oil has been shown to have success in tumour cancers, I just wasn't sure about non-tumour cancers like CMML.

Shanlo - Thank you so much for your input.  I'm so glad to hear you have seen some positive results.  The reason I wanted to know is because I first heard about dandelion root around Christmas time and I spent a lot of time reading up about it.  I bought lots of the raw, not roasted, kind and my Dad started having three cups a day in late January.  We continued with that for about three weeks.  In the third week, Dad did lots of walking and, as he was outside a lot, he wasn't quite getting his three cups a day. In the same week, he went for a blood test and that's when they started having concerns that his situation had worsened and he had his first blood transfusion.  He stopped taking the tea.  I do wonder whether the tea made his condition worse.  Maybe it is good for some, but harms others?  Or maybe it was all the walking?  Or maybe because he wasn't getting the full dose at that time?   I just don't know.  I still feel really hopeful that the tea might save him.  I was really hoping that others would also have tried it and had good results, so I'm really pleased to hear that you have :) even if you can't say for sure that its down to the tea!

I have read that the dandelion should not be taken along with chemotherapy, that it can cause adverse reactions and interfere with the chemo drug and it being as affective.

CMML Leukemia

by marley8 - February 12 at 11:51 PM

Hi everyone, I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me understand this dreadful CMML a bit more, what I do know is vague. My father was diagnosed with CMML 3 yrs ago after having extremely high wbc and being hospitalized with pneumonia. Up until recently he has been treated with Vidaza but is not responding so is now going through his 4th cycle of Dacogen. Since Nov.2017 until date he has been hospitalized 4 timesin critical condition with pneumonia, pleural edema, severe lower extremity edema , enlarged spleen.and wbc up well into the 220,000, and rbc down 6.7, and high platelet count. I live away and have not always been involved closely with his treatments and etc. Dad tends to keep some things from us kids, not letting us know each time he is hospitalized , bloodcounts extreme. Since Nov.2017 he is having to have transfusions monthly . I have been caring for him since Nov. and won't leave his side, he grows more frail but is such a fighter and has such determination. He fought and won the battle with a rare type of colon cancer 2 yrs prior to being diagnosed with CMML and now continuing his fight although he grows weaker and sicker by the day and with each chemo treatment. I am asking for insight into this disease and support from those who have or are experiencing it. I appreciate any info you can give, because right at this point I feel the doctors are being very vague and at times are too hung up on "numbers and text book" they fail to look at the person as a human with a soul who is struggling to live and depending on them for answers. Sometimes common sense and compassion resides over blood count results etc.  God bless each of you.

You should be able to purchase at your local health food store, you can purchase the  fresh herbs there to make your tea. I purchased Essiac at my local health food store, now the Fucoidan I am not familar with but would love to know more. Hope you can find it near you.


by marley8 - February 11 at 12:24 PM

On Oct 17, 2009 12:00 AM Pepper27 wrote:

I was told that CMML is very rare. There aren't many studies out there for this. I am looking for other people or more information on this Leukemia.

Hi Pepper27, my dad was diagnosed with CMML 3 yrs ago and I am just learning about it myself and would be happy to share with you what I do know about the disease. It is very rare and there is little known about it. My dad has been told by doctors his stems from being exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam war. He also was diagnosed with a very rare colon cancer 8 yrs ago stemming from same toxin, which he is now in remission. He was treated for 2 yrs  with Vidaza, and stopped responding and is now going on his fourth cycle of Dacogon. I look forward to corresponding with you and will be of what help I can be. Blessings and healing.

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