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    My grandson has been diagnosed with stage 4 signet cell cancer found on his colon. He was operated on June 2019, a mass as big as a fist perforated his colon, and they removed the mass. It was signet cell. They operated again 3 days after first operation, and removed a foot of his colon and part of his rectum. It had seeded. He now is in chemo treatment every 2 weeks through Dec. The doctor says best not to as...

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      My grandson (19 yrs old) had sever pain in abdomen, went to emergency at hospital June 25. They operated, as it showed perforated colon. When they went in, they found a mass as big as a fist. They removed it, and sent to pathology. Signet cell. Oncologist suggested they re-enter for second surgery in 3 days time, where they removed one foot of colon ( it had seeded) and part of his rectum. Upon releases from hospit...

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