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    April 20, 2018
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      I would also like to add that my mother was initially diagnosed with stage III inflammatory breast cancer in April 2012. She had 20 rounds of intensive chemo, 30 days of radiation, and a double mastectomy in October of that same year. She had bad complications from that surgery, she had rabdo, and all her organs were shutting down. She was in the hospital for a few months and was in ICU a for a week. She eventually w...

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        I had watched my mother slowly deteriorate these last six years from despicable disease called cancer. Our lives changed immensely when she was diagnosed, having to go back and forth to hospitals and doctors countless times. These last six months, as my mother became sicker and my father had to return to work, I was put in charge of driving my mom to all of her treatments and appointments. And while I can’t even ima...

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        Just trying to stay as positive as I can after my mother’s death.

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