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    My husband' s chemo finished after 14 treatments as he was unwell. The latest scan showed that the tumour is growing. The oncologist offered further chemo, 5FU, but didn't enciourage him to take. He said it would take 3 months of his life. We do not know timescales as my husband doesn't want to know what time he has left. Since that last consultation he has changed. Mentally he has become very depressed and has admit...

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      My husband had a whipple June 2014. He understood that he was cancer free and did not have chemo. He was diagnosed with cholangeocarcinoma in March 2017. He had 16 chemo treatmenst in 2017 and again this year although the chemo was stopped after 14 treatments as he was unwell. We are awaiting the results of a CT scan and follow up treatment.

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        I don't know which type of tumour was removed from the pancreas only that it had not spread to other areas. If it had spread he would not have had the operation. the procedure was a success but he then got infection a few days after the op so was in hospital for 5 weeks. Recovery took a long time probably the best part of a year.

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            My husband underwent a Whipple procedure in 2014. In 2017 the cancer came back only this time it was uncurable. He had 16 chemotheraphy treatment in 2017 with little or no side effects. We were told the tumour had shrunk. Following a scan in March this year we were told that the cancer was active. It was planned that he had a further 16 chemo treatmenths. This year however he didn't sail through the treat...

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