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Enlarged Mesenteric Lympnodes

by nathana - August 13, 2015

hi everyone

long story short. I'm a 30 year old male, diagnosed with testicular cancer, had surgery to remove testicle and recently had a cat scan to see if cancer had spread to the testicles.

however the cat scan confused everyone because it found englarged Mesenteric lympnodes.. Which wouldn't be caused by testicle cancer spreading. And my liver enzymes were high.

I'm very confused and nervous about this, since he didn't mention lymphoma, but this is a common sign? He said maybe infection, biopsy but I wont see him (oncologist) for 2 weeks. I have a urologist appt tomorrow.

I apologize if this is in the wrong location, but I seen a few threads on here similar.

I do not have any other symptoms, no night sweats, weight loss, or vomit, diahrea

any info would be great! What should I ask the doctors? Should I have another ct scan, or test done immediately? Thank you.

Hey guys, I'm Nate, 30, from Michigan. Here's my story.

Diagnosed with Testicle cancer, radical orch, 3 weeks ago, pathology showed classical seminona, t3 tumor with sperm cord involvement. Tumor markers were fairly normal post op. Labeled stage 1b prior to cat scan

just got my ct scan results which read

" there are multiple prominent appearing mesenteric lymph nodes which are non specific. This would be an unusual distribution for metastic testicular cancer. No restro or pelvic lymph"

Oncologist was confused because testicle cancer doesn't spread here, so what is it?

He is referring me back to the urologist, and waiting 2 weeks to decide treatment.

Tumor markers weren't crazy post op or prior however my afp has increased from 7.4 to 9 since last check up. And my liver blood test are high.

I'm just a bit confused about what this could be?

thank you all.

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