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Thanks for sharing.  I hope you remain on your current course, which seems good.

So far, we have two different NO opinions:  (1)  Do chemo and proton radiation, and (2) maintain a "wait and see" vigil.  We are trying to sort out these obviously very different approaches.  

Today, my husband mentioned he is starting to get headaches.  Not sure what this means.


Thanks for your post.  I'm so glad to hear of your results.

We will know more after the chemo/radiaiton plan after tomorrow's follow up visit with the neurosurgeon.

Do you recall if you experienced significant fatigue and low stamina after your tumor surgery?

Stay strong.

Thanks Mike.  We are exploring various opprtunities in NYC and will keep in mind your advice.  

So sorry to hear that some medical institutions have not been communicative in supportive ways.

I do believe that environment and diet can affect one's well being.  

Best to you.


Thanks, Erik, for your very detailed explanation.

My husband is 69 y.o., is a physician and Medical Director and has no intention of slowing down yet!  He's lost some weight due to the surgeries; down to 168 lbs.  Maybe we should fatten him up a bit in anticipation of the chemo/radiation.

Do you understand how targeted radiation is?  Mark has already lost some eyesight due to glaucoma, and the tumor site was near the optical nerve.  So we're concerned that radiation might injure the optical nerve and, hence, his vision.

We do not yet have an oncologist identified for the treatment.  If there are any questions we can help you with, pls don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for your insights.

This is my first post, here.  It looks like there are no recent oligodendroglioma postings, or else I am in the wrong place. In any case, I've read the comments from 2012 - 2014 and hope that the patients and their caregivers are thriving or in improved states.

In December 2018, a brain tumor was spotted on my husband Mark's MRI which had been ordered for an unrelated reason.  In other words, Make had no symptoms such as seizure; the mass was an incidental finding.  Astrocytoma was suspected.

In January 2019, the first surgery found that the mass was an oligodendroglioma II (apparently, there is no such thing as an oligo I) and it was determined that a second resection should be done to remove the remaining oligo before starting chemo and radiation.

So here we are:  we will see the neurosurgeon for a follow up, then make a plan for chemo and radiation.

QUESTION:  Can anyone tell me what Mark should expect as to dosage and side affects for chemo and radiation, the more specific the better?

Thanks and best wishes to all who are reading this.

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