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    Is your concern that 12 days is just impatiently too long-or that something fishy is happening behind the scenes? I.e.: found something new etc. I would say it is more than likely "just taking too long". However, just about every doctor's office/hospitals have a patient's portal where one can open an account to check lab results, doctors notes etc. hope all is well-

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      'mom' (PROF PIC) has stage 2-3 EC . she lives in a rural area and all of her treatment appointments are 200 miles up and 200 miles back,| we have every appointment/procedure has been outpatient-mom has had six chemos and radiation, 2 endoscopes prior to that, somewhere mixed in were two biopsies and now just today they are taking a full body scan (?) Scenes backwards to me-thank you so much for everyone's i...

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        How does it "Spread"? ie: Scopes-dr's etc... i ask because my mom (Profile Pic) has stge 2-3 (?) She did 6 CHEMO/RADIATION whilst 2 Biopsies in-between. Last scope shows more Cancer Found. GBY 

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