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my wife 59,had surgery 3rd week of November 2008. followed by twice opened for shunt insert. radiation for 30 days and temodar for 5 months, in between physical therapy and 20 secessions of acupuncture all that finished. then she had big seizure,that took away her talking and walking. MRI showed cancer is back. she has completed 10 or so avastin treatment.she talks,walking in the living room with my help about 10 times covering a length of 22 feet.memory is not good.she was vivid reader,not enymore. right leg and hand was very week after surgery,got more week lately. feet sticks on the floor and one two,one two saying louder works little better. I am scared to she her what is next. we always talk about positively. no other sickness so far. we got prescription from Dr.banerji cancer foundation from calcutta. my question is can I give her homeopathic medication without telling her Dr here,along with avastin treatment she currently undergoes. will that interfere one anther? please help

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