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Pancreatic Cancer
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I'm a new comer to this board, but I have frequently read your messages. So, I have decided to join the group and share my experiences and learn more from all of you and hopefully I can contribute as well.
I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer located in the head of my pancreas on February 28, 2015. I had neoadjuvant chemo treatment for 2 months prior to my Whipple surgery on June 5, 2015 and had 3 more months of chemo 6 weeks following my surgery. Everything has been going well , my last two CAT Scan showed no reoccurrence and my CA19-9 tests results have been as low as <3 but recently jumped to 18. Although 18 is still in the normal range, I am still concerned of the spike in elevation. Have any of you had this concern. I wish it could stop worrying about it coming back. Thanks, Joey

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