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    Thank you for responding  I fasted 10 1/2 hours for the test and i read fasting glucose levels between 100-125 are pre-diabetes, im hoping that it was a bad testing kit so i will go to a doctor i read somewhere up to 80% of people with pancan have diabetes which is why im worried, im not sure if thats true i know i am probably overreacting but i just dont have any anwsers to my problems and its really g...

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      Im 21 and have had symptoms for 6 months now, its draining me mentaly not knowing what is going on i have mild abdominal pain that comes and goes and mild back pain that comes and goes, i would actually descibe these as more of a discomfort i just checked my blood glucose levels on a diabetes kit and it says around 113 which is prediabetes but this is odd for me since im in shape, i fasted for this so i am goin...

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        I'm 21 so i know the chance is slim but i've underwent lots of tests and they can't figure out my problem almost 5 months ago i had mild pains in my abdomen near my gallblader area, a week later my upper-middle abdomen is now sore, the pain went away in those areas after 2 weeks but since then i get random pains in various spots of my abdomen and sides and back. i also had mucus in my stool around this time for a mo...

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