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    Although nobody had a response for my post, I thought I'd post an update just in case anyone encounters this in the future. I am now back to my normal pre-cancer diet without any of the post-surgical side-effects, but I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you why.  Up until March of 2012 I was still having the problems with sugar.  THEN, I got a bowel obstruction.  No particular cause.  I guess when...

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      I had an illeostomy due to rectal cancer from late May to late August of this year (2011).  Since the takedown, I'd say I'm pretty much back to normal now, with the exception of not being able to tolerate sugar, whether processed in sweets and pastries, or natural in fruits.  Prior to the sugery I was one of those lucky few who could eat a lot of sugar and not gain weight from it - so I did. ...

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