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    Hi Litasmom.  I have been reading all the posts and am so glad I found all of you.  First, let me say how sorry I am about your fur baby.  I don't have kids so my baby girl Roxi is my baby. Roxi is a 12 yr old Jack Russell who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May.  The only symptoms at first was frequent urination and she seemed to be straining to go every time.  I worked as a Vet Asst. f...

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      My 12 yr old Jack Russell, Roxi was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May. Our vet, who I use to work with at the clinic, showed me the mass on the ultrasound which does kinda look like a blob on the screen.  She also took a urine sample and looked at it under the microscope and was able to see the cancer cells.  I hope this is some help to you.  I know how hard this is.  I've been devistated since...

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