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The tablets against the painful skin disease have no side effects, so they can be taken for many years. There are about 200,000 people suffering from psoriasis in Austria. The new remedy best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis treats the psoriasis faster and more effectively than conventional drugs. A study conducted in Austria for the first time in 50 test persons showed that the painful inflammation in all patients had already subsided within 28 days. The associated itching had also disappeared.

In severe cases, doctors have used medications that suppress the body's deficient immune system. However, damage to the liver or kidney could occur. (Originalton :) With the new drug has a similar effect, which refers however only to the skin. So the other organs, especially the immune system generally not affected. A cure of psoriasis is still not possible, but the doctors can keep the disease under control in the long term. The correct dosage for a continuous therapy has yet to be found in further studies.

Note from ORF: It is an ascomycin derivative. According to Dr. Komar from the AKH is a macrolyte - an anti-inflammatory substance. The exact chemical composition is not disclosed seborrheic dermatitis treatment scalp. The active ingredient does not yet have a trivial name - that is, no name under which one could ask for it somewhere and, of course, there is still no medicine name, because there will be a preparation for clinics and pharmacies only about one year after completion of all clinical tests becomes.

Note: An ascomycin derivative is, for example, the active substance pimecrolimus, which is contained in the neurodermatitis ointment Elidel. As a medicament for an internal treatment of the psoriasis - for example in the form of tablets - it is still not on the market. This will remain so for a while, because the last studies were in phase II cure for seborrheic dermatitis. If a drug is to come on the market, it must still go through phase III. Our conclusion: We would not hope for this medicine. Doctors now have others who can also help.

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