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    Great video!  Thanks so much for posting it for the rest of us.  I'm trying to not let cancer have me, but it's a bit difficult right now.  I just found out about it last year and I'm working on getting my feet back under me so I can start living again.  I'm in a halfway house right now since all I have for money is my SSDI to live on.



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      I'm looking for any Gulf war vets from 1990-1991.  If the VA ever sent you a letter regarding brain cancer please drop me a note.  I've been filing appeals for the past YEAR trying to get them to man up and change my disability rating from 10% to what ever brain cancer and 5 years to live is rated at.  I'm getting pretty frustrated and would love to sue them but I don't know how to do that.  So if...

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      I was diagnosed with an anaplastic oligodendroglioma Grade III on 4/16/10. No chemotherapy or radiation therapy was planned and my prognosis was for a lie expectancy o 3-6 years. I'm not terribly thrilled by any of that but can't do anything about it. I'm on anti seizure meds for now and have MRI's ever 4 months. I'm trying to get my life back on track which is difficult since I'm currently homeless and living on SSDI in a half-way house. The VA takes care of my medical needs since I'm a Gulf War vet. I just have to deal with prescription co-pays and such.

      I'd like to make contact with any other Gulf War Vets with this type of cancer.

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