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Esophageal Cancer
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56 year old powerlifter and bodybuilder with stage 3 esophageal cancer.
I've lost approximately 40 pounds of my precious muscle mass. The tumor is very large and I am unable to eat or take fluids. I have a 1mm opening left in my esophagus. Feeding tube installed on 3/29/18. My body rejected and another one was put in. Currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation followed by by an esophagectomy. I have zero energy and I am considering stopping treatment and allow nature to take it's course. I'm a big quality of life guy. This is not living. I would like to hear any success stories to encourage my heart.
I HAD A COMPLETE RESPONSE, NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER. Consequently, I refused the brutal and life changing surgery to remove my esophagus and reconstruct my digestive system. My doctors were not happy with that decision but I value quality of life much more than quantity and I had no spouse to encourage surgery thinking it may somehow extend life. I have switched to MD Anderson. They have me under a wait and watch approach, doing an endoscopy and PET every three months. Esophageal cancer never really goes away unless you have three consecutive negative biopsy reports.

Final prognosis from MD Anderson received on Friday. I have an 85% chance of being dead in the next 12 months. 15% of the guys who had a complete response with negative biopsy were cured. I'm hoping for the 15% but I going to live like I am an 85% er.

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