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    Hello, Has anyone here been on the NIH study (or other similar study) for combination immunotherapy and targeted therapy (nivolumab and cantozantinib?)  Also, has anyone tried Car-T cell therapy? tIt is very experimental - they are trying it on a lot of different cancers although with varying success. My dad has had a partial cysectomy, HIPEC, and two chemo regimes and we are now trying this.  Thanks fo...

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      Hello,  Has anyone here been on the NIH Study (or other similar study) for immunotherapy + targeted therapy (nivolumab + cantozantinib)? If so, what kind of results did you have? Also, have anyone here tried Car-T cell therapy for urachal? They are beginning to test it on a lot of different types of cancers with varying success.  Would appreciate any feedback!  Best to all

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