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    was just wondering if its possible to get two different types of ovarian cancer at or near the same time? Have had Sertoli Leydig OC but am getting new symptoms and although many are similar to before some aren't but are certainly OC related. Thanks in advance

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      Am still waiting for CT scan results..and am getting more symptoms as well..bloated tummy,constipation ( never had that before! plus blood in poo) every part of me seems to hurt,immense bone pain plus weakened muscles too.. hair loss seems to continue although facial hair gain has slowed down a bit. I get petechiae under the skin plus bruising around my inner knees.. all in all its not been great fun!  have co...

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        Thank you so much for replying! I have odd symptoms with all this...not listed but I know they are real. My skin was very fragile and tore easily. My hair not only fell out but was extremely dry and changed appearance too. My lower limbs were stiff and painful and I seemed to suffer sight problems too..and fatigue was a very real issue too. I haven't been tested for the DICER 1 gene but have requested it..was ini...

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           Hi I too am from England. I had stage 1A sertoli leydig tumour and had a total hysterectomy last Dec. I was told it was well differentiated and that all was well. For the first month or so I felt very well but am slowly feeling like I did first time round. I had virilisation symptoms and these seem to be slowly returning plus last time round I had extremely painful limbs,terribly dry and fragile skin that w...

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            I know this discussion is old but wanted to say (in case anyone else has also experienced this) that I too have had swollen painful joints as a symptom of Sertoli Leydig. I had stage 1 and a total hysterecotomy last Dec and within a month was having many of the original symptoms back. Saw my Dr yesterday for a post op appt and have had many blood tests and am being sent for a CT scan soon. Think the lack of knowle...

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              Hi, I was recently dxed with stage 1 Sertoli Leydig tumour and chose to have a total hysterectomy in Dec last year. I had virilising symptoms ,skin problems such as very dry skin and skin that broke easiliy . My hair grew thin and I had facial hair plus my voice became much deeper and  I had extremely painful and swollen joints. I also had the need to pee urgently and my tummy was swollen After the op I felt m...

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