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    This article is very interesting. I suggest anyone newly diagnosed read this and even those with recurrance. It provides an entire overview of treatments, clinical trials, supplements, etc. It is not biased it offers the good and bad and was recently published. http://virtualtrials.com/pdf/williams2013.pdf

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    My best friend, and also my father was recently diagnosed with GBM. (Oct 16th 2010) and I am completely heart broken but trying to stay strong. My mom was diagnosed with moyamoya back in 2004 and is unable to care for herself. I just have so many questions, a world of hurt and a mind and soul full of hope. I am struggling daily to research this because I would rather run away into a hole and just die. But I can't, they need me and I need to be here making suggestions. All I want is for my dad to continue to fish for the rest of his life.

    10/16/2010 - Life flighted from a small town in IL to Peoria IL
    10/19/2010- Surgery removed 98% of tumor
    10/23/2010- Released from hospital
    11/1/2010 - First radiation consultation

    **Update** We are taking him to Mayo Clinic on Monday 11/8 to hopefully have radiation done there. It would be much better than the oncologist that we saw by our hometown.
    Went to Mayo in MN to have radiation, we "lived" there the entire time and got to come back home on 12/6. He is going to start taking 5/28 cycle of chemo.

    1/8/2014 see you in heaven dad
    12/3/2014 see you in heaven mom

    Losing both my parents in 2014 has been nothing but a world wind, trying to keep our heads above water. Love everyday

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