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    I think about you two all the time.

    Joanne, I don't know your pain or the depths of your love and commitment - you are an inspiration.

    Let Ray know we love him....

    Tina J. and the gang

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        This is quite interesting, and I hope that I am understanding this correctly when I read that even though at 4 months learning and memory are worse when WBRT is added. However the rate of being free from CNS recurrence (does this stand for Central Nervous System?) at one year is 73% with SRS and WBRT compared to only 27% with just SRS. I suppose it depends greatly on the age of the patient whether memory and learnin...

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          This is amazing, and I can only pray for a rush to be put on new research in this field! My father was diagnosed with GBM on the 2nd of this month, December, 2009. I hope the government and private institutions and us individuals can fund further research on this subject soon with god speed!

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          Picture is of my dad and my youngest son on Christmas Day 2005. My dad had Multifocal Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). He had surgery on the left frontal lobe tumor on 09/28/09. The other two tumors stayed. One of them 30mm was in right frontal lobe, and the other one 15mm in size is deep in center between eyes. He suffered from 48 hr. deafness, pneumonia, and complete left arm paralysis during the initial radiation and daily Temodar process! He was on the following regimen since late January 2010: 5 days on 300mg of Tem and then 23 days off, plus Avastin infusion every 2 weeks. August 2010 MRI showed 2 new soft tumors, one on either side of brain one in motor strip which has caused complete left arm paralysis and fuzzy feeling on left side of face. Came off Tem and switched to Avastin + CPT-11 in September 2010. Began having seizures in October - went downhill and died November 18th, 2010. I will never be the same. It was a horrible experience for us all. We all miss you so much dad <3 When he told me of his diagnosis I said to him: "I wish there was something I could do," and through his cries he replied, "There is, you can help me beat this."

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