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    So your first round was for 6 months and then off for a year and then back on for two years, at 6 month intervals? As I mentioned just had my last(hopefully) injection 4 months ago and was wondering once the med clears my system would I begin to see some weight loss. I work out 4-5 days a week and can't even maintain. Trying to remain positive I kept the size 34 jeans I had two years ago, and the 36's from last year ...

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      I envy you and happy for you, each us have different side affects. Thanks for replying!

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        Just had my last of 4 Lupron injections, 6 month intervals. 3 months have passed since my last one. I have put on about 25-30 pounds since I began the injections. I have received various answers as to how long it will take for the weight to start to come off. I realize I will not lose it all automatically and continued exercise and diet will enhance the weight loss. Any one have similar issue?

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