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    Thanks for sharing your story, ours sounds very similar. where are you located? I am in the Bay area, so lucky to have UCSF which has great neuro surgery and oncology.  I am about to go back to work ~5 weeks after the craniotomy (which seems crazy I am healed enough when you know what it is that they did). I likely will start Temodar in about 6 weeks or so (I ams starting a new job and want to settle in for a m...

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      Hi all, first time poster. 40 year old male, otherwise healthy, seizure was first symptom of my brain cancer. Diagnosed on 10Dec18 with Stage 2 Olidgodendroglioma (with mutations) 5 x 5 x 5 cm tumor (right frontal lobe). Surgery 11Dec18 ~80% removal, only very minor motor issues with left hand after resection. I consider myselft lucky, recovery from craniotomy going well. I have followup MRI on 15Feb19 and will fin...

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      Diagnosed with Stage 2 Oligodendroglioma on 10Dec28 after my first seizure. Craniotomy 11Dec18, waiting for followup MRI on 15Feb19 and then start treatment

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