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    When mom came to live with me, her last year even if we didn't know it would be, mom made this comments or question, I don't know how your doing all this."  I responded, "mom, nothing but the grace of God."  You see, I was born with polio, I am now 62 years old.  It was mom through God's leading she showed me how to live my life, as normal as possible.  I am #2 of 6 children mom had, and I know no...

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      Hope this will help someone out there figinting this demon of cancer! Based on personel experience with my mom.   This is part of what is on our website (espiesfaith.com) In hope’s of helping someone.   Mom’s nutritionist/homeopathy started with this – so here we go, first thing he said is no sugar, sugar feeds the cancer cells, no potatoes, potatoes turn into sugar in your system...

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      • txhope

        txhope need to add this, mom started with breast, cancer, then lung, then lilver, then brain tumors....

        March 27, 2013
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    Well, lets see, I was mom's caregiver to mom, who choose alternative at first for 9 months, then chemo. We learned alot during this journey. We would like to share as she wanted to help anyone out there if they have to travel on this road too.

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