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    Hi dchurak!  I'm so glad my post helped you even a little.  I know how down you can get with this diagnosis, believe me!  Plus, that period after treatment ends is a kind of weird place to be.  You've been fighting to survive with treatments and then you're told you're in remission.  I'm glad you're going to do Avastin.  Studies are showing very good results for long term and perhaps per...

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      Fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, shock, depression.  These are all emotions we deal with when diagnosed with cancer or cancer recurrence.  After years of going through this, I learned some ways to cope and pull yourself out of that deep pit of fear and anxiety and regain some balance, joy, and courage that we all need at times. Read more here:  http://wp.me/p3itJT-f www.womenscancerconnection.wordpress...

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        Being a long-term cancer survivor, I have gone through years of fear of recurrence. Also, I have worked with many women who have experienced this. Sometimes the worry and fear is worse than the treatments! This is true even if you have had recurrences in the past. Following is a short list of tips that are helpful when the fear starts getting the best of you:Read more here: http://wp.me/p3itJT-f

        June 20, 2015
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          I’m sitting here, outside on this beautiful Southern California day, drinking my homemade lemonade tea (SO good) chatting with my mom, playing with my little dog, Dorrie, (staying off facebook for a little while) and thinking, it doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve really been working on staying present, which is what I preach a lot. Walking the walk. It's not easy. To read more: http://wp.me/p3itJT-5y

          June 10, 2015
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            When I was diagnosed at 47 with ovarian and endometrial cancer, I thought it was a death sentence. It didn’t help that my surgeon said to me, “We may not have saved you, but at least we bought you some time.” Truth is, I was in shock, I was sad and I was petrified. Read more: https://womenscancerconnection.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/who-has-time-for-cancer/

            June 03, 2015
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              I don't agree with your premise that there will never be a cure for any cancer. In fact, I think we're getting close to some significant advances in all cancers and particularly ovarian cancer.  Also, some women do very well in treatment for ovarian cancer.  I'm 17 years out of treatment.  And I know many others who are many years out from Stage 3 and Stage 4 diagnosis.  There is always hope and I...

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                Surgery before chemo is becoming standard in the U.S. for women with ovarian cancer shown on imaging to have extensive disease.  What we really need now are the studies to show whether or not chemo before surgery is extending lives.  I hope it comes soon.  

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                  Hi Tonya: I'm glad the path came back good.  I'm also glad you were referred to a gyn/onc.  I wish these doctors would refer to specialists whenever there is a suspicion of ovarian cancer.  I actually facilitate a program where several survivors speak to 3rd year medical students to help them understand when it is appropriate to refer to a gyn/onc.  Anyway, I hope you let us know what the gyn/onc...

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                    “You deserve a life.” ? John Green, The Fault in Our Stars The photo above is of my two youngest granddaughters.  I have six altogether.  I've been extremely blessed to see four of them born since my diagnosis in 1997.  My good friend, Judy, diagnosed the same month, year and stage as I, passed away before she became a grandmother.  When I see the photos of her beautiful grandchildren...

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                      Have you ever had one of those days when you were so stressed that you felt like you needed some real help to save your sanity? I have experienced this numerous times myself and I'm so grateful to have discovered some deep breathing methods that reduce stress, fear, anxiety and worry and improve health at the same time! These strategies are easy and convenient, and can be done anywhere. What exactly is deep breathin...

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