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    Anyone have any experience or guidlines on how long it takes a low grade glioma to advance to a higher grade?  Also are there symptoms that go along with this transformation or is it usually out of the blue?  Any advice or knowledge is appreciated.  Thanks. 

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      Hi Dodger,  She has not recieved any treatment.  They said watch and wait is the way to go with the location of this tumor. 

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        My wife as a low grade glioma in the medial temporal lobe.  Recently her memory is awful and her fatigue is great.  She sleeps for 9-10 hours and she wakes up exhausted.  She's finding it difficult to hold conversations and her short term memory seems to be affected more and more as time goes on.  We are in year 2 of this beast and it has shown little progression.  Could these be signs of pro...

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          Hi.  Just looking for some feedback and to see if anyone has any idea what we are up against.  My wife is 32.  She had a siezure and was told she has a low grade glioma in her left medial temporal lobe.  We've been to two places and since they can control her siezures with keppra, they are suggesting a watch and wait approach.  So, we don't have differential diagnosis but tumor board at a lar...

          January 07, 2017 view discussion
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