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    Hi I am trying to find immunotherapy trials for ovarian cancer pts in Europe . I live in UK so far drawn a blank for any trials here . Does anyone have any knowledge of trials recruiting anywhere at the moment ? Thank a lot for your help

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      Does anyone know of any immunotherapy trials going on for drug resistant inoperable ovarian cancers anywhere in uk ??

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        I had a ovarian cancer and had traditional debulking and chemo . 7 months later it relapsed in 4 lymph nodes . more chemo and surgery . this time a surgical blunder , the surgeon dod not remove 2 of 4 cancer nodes during operation including me . One of the cancer gland grew too near and finally attach to my Aorta .. I had cyberknife in 2013 but one year later it is growing again . How can it be possible ...

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          I am a recurrent ovarian cancer pt . Was put on a PARP inhibitor trial drug given as a pill and i had a 70 % reduction of myy liver met and was progression free for a year . i was treated at Guys hospital in UK

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            i am now part of a drug trial involving a PARP agent . Does anyone have any experience of its side effects ? Howeffective is it in shrinking the tumour. ?

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            I suffered initially from ovarian cancer stage 4 grade 3 which after chemo and surgery rcurred in 4 lymph nodes .
            after 3cycles of chemo the surgeon did laparoscopy to remove 4nodes
            managed only 2 out of 4 and took out a large part of my pancreas.

            Did not tell anyone about 2 nodes not removed , refused to do scan , , refused chemo ........basically wanted me to die so that no body knows.... I am now suing while receiving chemo .....

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